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    • entertainment and education. It also acts as a connecting element between important public buildings that are located in this area. I want to remind local inhabitants of the im-portance of their city and indelible place in history by using of symbols related to past of Napajedla. Last but not least (1)
    • historie (1)
    • I focused on the needs arising from the modern way of life (1)
    • klidová zóna (1)
    • Napajedla (1)
    • pěší zóna (1)
    • recreati-on (1)
    • symbolika (1)
    • The aim of my work is to improve the quality of life in Napajedla (1)
    • through the creation of a rest zone in the street Na Kapli. Public space created by stopping of motor traffic and creating a pedestrian zone in the street offers people a place for social interaction (1)
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    • 2012 (1)
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    • 2013 (1)