Návrh elektronického obchodního domu pro firmu malého rozsahu

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Návrh elektronického obchodního domu pro firmu malého rozsahu

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Název: Návrh elektronického obchodního domu pro firmu malého rozsahu
Autor: Oni, Eniola Adebukola
Vedoucí: Jašek, Roman
Abstrakt: The main objective of this project is to develop an e-commerce store where you can buy any product (cars, electronics, clothing, computers, accessories, appliances, watches) over the Internet. However, for execution purposes, this project will deal with an online Shoe Store. E commerce is recognize as an accepted used business paradigm. More business settings are developing websites that provide functionality for conducting business transactions over the internet. I conclude that the process of shopping on the internet is becoming common place. In our world today, 24% of the world shows that none of the purchase they make in a week involve cash and even 39% shows that they don't worry about having cash on hand since they have various payment option. Some percentage of low income and older people are likely to rely on cash as mode of payment. The most important point is to build security into the web application at the design stage itself. The Best Practice on how to secure an online store listed (Secure Socket Layer (SSL) , Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (SHTTP), Server Security, Message Privacy, Message integrity, Authentication, Authorization and Virtual private network.).
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10563/40975
Datum: 2017-02-03
Dostupnost: Bez omezení
Ústav: Ústav informatiky a umělé inteligence
Studijní obor: Informační technologie
Klasifikace závěřečné práce a její obhajoby: C 46966

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