The Control of a Model Washing Machine

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The Control of a Model Washing Machine

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Title: The Control of a Model Washing Machine
Author: Archibong, Mbuotidem Ime
Advisor: Dolinay, Jan
Abstract: The aim of the thesis is to create a program for controlling model of a washing machine using EDU-mod hardware connected to the development setup board. The KL25 microcontroller has been used in this project to obtain data from the sensor and forward it to the PC via USB 2.0 that has been integrated into the microcontroller. The KL25 microcontroller is selected for this project due to the compatibility with the EDU-mod hardware. As the thesis focuses more on the designing software than hardware, the development setup board is used which has all the hardware components needed for this project. The Kinetis Design Studio IDE has been used to build the software for this model and load the program to the KL25 microcontroller. The Kinetis Design Studio supports C language which is flexible and makes debugging and testing to be less complicated. Lastly, the work carried out on this project shows the example project for controlling the model washing machine and the documentation of this project helps broaden the students understanding regarding Microcomputer Programming course.
Date: 2018-12-21
Availability: Bez omezení
Department: Ústav automatizace a řídicí techniky
Discipline: Information and Control Technologies
Grade for thesis and defense: E 51803

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