[NEOBHÁJENO] Proposal of Online Marketing Campaign to Enroll Students to Ton Duc Thang University

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[NEOBHÁJENO] Proposal of Online Marketing Campaign to Enroll Students to Ton Duc Thang University

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Title: [NEOBHÁJENO] Proposal of Online Marketing Campaign to Enroll Students to Ton Duc Thang University
Author: Vu, Viet Linh
Advisor: Chovancová, Miloslava
Abstract: Marketing and selling have a relationship existed as long as the business itself. Throughout the development of mankind, marketing definition also changed significantly as the posters in the corner now become the billboard, door-to-door salesman now become telemarketer or signs become Logos. The transformation of digital brings new opportunities to every industry or even totally create a new one, as in marketing, people nowadays usually search on the internet first, and ask question later; the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and public relation industry consequently become trillions dollar industry. The letter, only used to keep contact among people before, now become email and spur to the development of email marketing. Marketers, in this modern era, have such a more important role as they have to track, test and optimize to improve the marketing and the KPIs of the company. Selling goods and services is still about how to reach the target customers and create an emotional connect with them, yet it is no longer limited merely in delivering goods and services to the customers but also building, understanding and controlling their satisfaction in the marketplace; it is about customers' sharing experiences and trust the offering of the company. Ballantine,2016.) According to Ghorbani (2013), in the nowadays massively competitive environment, companies recognize the importance of the advance in marketing as an enormous advantage that could maintain companies' strengths, and to keep them in the competitive market. Moreover, together with the development of technology, the market nowadays becomes "borderless" as a guy sitting in a small corner in India may easily work for an enormous technology group in the United State of America. The changing of marketing in the modern era, often be called digital marketing, totally changes all the definition we used to know about the market or the competition among firms. Globalization, accompanied by the wave of 4.0 era, generally provides the access of internet to almost every corner of the world, made digital marketing become an enormous market. Compare to others classical or outbound marketing methods like television, radios or prints, Digital Marketing now have more advantages since its platforms may help the users measure almost every action and approach a large number of customers at a very low cost; hence, Digital Marketing strategies should be one of the cornerstones that every firm need to mind for a sustainable development in this era.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10563/45128
Date: 2018-12-14
Availability: Bez omezení
Department: Ústav managementu a marketingu
Discipline: Management and Marketing
Grade for thesis and defense: F 52617

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