Evaluation of cellulose derivates for wound healing dressing

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Evaluation of cellulose derivates for wound healing dressing

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Title: Evaluation of cellulose derivates for wound healing dressing
Author: Novotná, Karin
Advisor: Lapčík, Lubomír
Abstract: The main of our work is to evaluate biomaterials, cellulose derivates and conclude if they would be suitable for wound healing dressing devices. Thence it follows the aim of this master thesis. It is necessary to determine properties of sorted cellulose derivates (OK CEL, HEC, CMC). The evaluation is focused on temperature and concentration of cellulose solution influences on density, surface tension, contact angle and light absorbance. Work also determines influence of ionic concentration and pH of solution on particle size and zeta potential of cellulose solutions. From our measurement we can conclude that density and surface tension of solutions depend on solution temperature and solution concentration. And the dependence for contact angle is fractional. The UV VIS spectroscopy determined that absorbance depends on solution concentration. Ions and pH of solution markedly influence only the light absorbance for OK CEL. The particle size varies by influence of varying pH of solutions or ionic concentration. The zeta potential is almost negative for determined pH range for our samples and that adding of ions does not influence this behaviour.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10563/36631
Date: 2005-02-15
Availability: Práce bude přístupná pouze v rámci univerzity od 31.05.2015
Department: Ústav fyziky a mater. inženýrství
Discipline: Materiálové inženýrství
Grade for thesis and defense: A 1955

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