Factors affecting the functional properties of processed cheeses

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Factors affecting the functional properties of processed cheeses

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Title: Factors affecting the functional properties of processed cheeses
Author: Salek, Richardos Nikolaos
ISBN: 978-80-7678-013-2
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10563/50073
Date: 2021-10-20
Publisher: Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně
Page count: 86
Availability: Teze habilitační práce jsou přístupné veřejně v tištěné podobě v Knihovně UTB. Plný text práce je přístupný elektronicky pouze v rámci univerzity.


The scope of the current work was to explain the importance of emulsifying salts, natural cheese (type and maturity degree) and selected technological properties during processed cheese production. Firstly, principles of emulsifying salts action in the system or processed cheese were described. The work was focused on phosphate- and citrate-based emulsifying salts. The role of solely applied phosphates and citrate (sodium salts) also was discussed. Additionally, more complicated systems consisted of binary and ternary mixtures of phosphate and/or citrate emulsifying salts were also described. Moreover, in the habilitation thesis are described basic/general natural cheese-making processing steps. In addition, selected natural cheese varieties (Edam, Mozzarella, Swiss-type, Cheddar and white brined cheeses, respectively), specific producing steps and their typical characteristics are presented, since these varieties are among the most applicable cheese types during the industrial production of processed cheese. Furthermore, the impact of natural cheese maturity degree (or in other words its intact casein content) on the resultant processed cheese properties (mainly textural and rheological characteristics) is also mentioned. On the whole, the effect of divergent cheese varieties on the above-mentioned properties of processed cheese is also described. Furthermore, the impact of selected target processing parameters (dry matter content, fat in dry matter content) and specific technological characteristics (melting temperature, holding time, speed of agitation) on processed cheese properties was discussed. On the whole, the habilitation thesis aimed to summarize the existing knowledge in the field of characteristics of raw materials for the production of processed cheeses, production technology of these products and factors influencing the consistency (a parameter described mainly by textural and rheological properties) of processed cheeses. Based on the results of the current thesis, it is possible to provide a more comprehensive point of view of the importance of the composition of a mixture of raw ingredients (including natural cheese, emulsifying salts – phosphates and/or citrates) and processing parameters in influencing the textural and rheological properties of processed cheeses.

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